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October 24-27th 2012

Event Detail

The conference Agenda will change periodically as the events are being confirmed.  Please check the Agenda on a regular basis as the details for the conference develop

Fifty Shades of Inbound Marketing

  • Dates: 25 – 25 Oct, 2012

Speaker(s): Morgan MacLeod

Rapid changes in online marketing make it difficult for marketers to get a handle on which tactics are best for lead generation and what to do to keep current clients happy. In an industry shrouded with smoke and mirrors, Morgan will help you debunk the myths and mystique of law firm marketing in a social media age. Her talk will touch on several major inbound marketing tactics such as social media (LinkedIn, Twitter etc.), mobile, search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing in general as well as many other inbound marketing tactics employed by law firms. She will share best practice marketing advice specific to firm type and size, as well as insight into which tactics you can simply omit from your current repertoire.

Whether you’re from a large, full-service firm or a small boutique firm, online marketing savvy or not, there are valuable takeaways for all attendees. During this session, Morgan MacLeod will outline best practices for developing an online marketing strategy, an understanding of what other similar-sized firms are doing and provide you with takeaways on how you can implement some of these marketing tactics at your own firm with an intimate understanding of how to navigate the partnership mentality.