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October 24-27th 2012

Event Detail

The conference Agenda will change periodically as the events are being confirmed.  Please check the Agenda on a regular basis as the details for the conference develop

Expect It When You Least Expect It: Dealing with a Disaster

  • Dates: 26 – 26 Oct, 2012

Speaker(s): Rui Martins

It's 10:00am and you hear what sounds like an explosion and feel your workplace shake. Plumes of smoke are now visible outside and your team is starting to panic. The decisions you make in the next 5 minutes will  affect the safety and security of your firm.

What decisions will you make? Should you stay or go? Are you in danger or will you lead your team into danger. What happens next is really dependent on what you have planned or not planned.

Surviving a crisis is depended on three principles Planning, Equipment and Training.

This session will provide you with a foundation for building an emergency response program that can help you deal with evacuations, bomb threats, medical emergencies, workplace violence and natural disasters.