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October 24-27th 2012


TLOMA is pleased to offer assistance to all of our registered 2012 Sponsors and Trade Show Participants with this checklist.

To participate in the Trade Show,

  • ensure you have completed the forms found in the Business Partner Registration Package.
  • forward the completed forms to TLOMA. TLOMA will contact you to confirm your participation.
  • Upon confirmation of participation, please review the Trade Show Manual to assist you in acquiring the necessary information to make your participation a successful one.
  • Provide TLOMA ( with a 50 word or less description of your company and a high resolution JPG copy of your company logo.
  • If you require accommodation, complete the Hotel Registration Form.  Alternative accommodation suggestions are located in the Alternative Accomodations, list.

To participate in Event Sponsorships or Contributions,

  • Complete the registration package indicating the event you wish to sponsor or the contribution you wish to make.
  • Forward the complete forms to TLOMA.  TLOMA will contact you to confirm your participation.
  • Provide TLOMA with a high resolution JPG copy of your company logo.
  • If providing a contribution, have it delivered to the TLOMA office by Friday, October 12, 2012.

Questions regarding the 2012 TLOMA Trade Show, Event Sponsorships or Contributions, please contact:

Deborah Davids
Vendor Liaison
Telephone: (416) 595-7948
Facsimile: (416) 595-8695


Liz Barrington
Director of Administration, TLOMA
Telephone: (416) 410-1979
Facsimile: (905) 472-5115


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