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October 24-27th 2012

Event Detail

Legal Project Management: New Game, New Rules, New Rewards

  • Dates: 26 – 26 Oct, 2012

Speaker(s): Pamela Woldow

In this timely and practical presentation, Edge International Partner Pam Woldow will discuss the dramatic evolution of the legal profession’s greatest potential game changer – the global move toward Legal Project Management (LPM). As law firms struggle to respond to pressures to practice with increasing efficiency, productivity, and, of course, profitability, LPM is fundamentally reshaping both legal service delivery and law firm financial management. Pam will discuss LPM’s implications both for lawyers and for firm leaders, administrators and financial managers.

Pam’s wide-ranging comments will cover how LPM supports best practices for scoping, planning, staffing and managing all kinds of legal engagements, as well as focusing on how earlier litigation settlements (and thus fewer billable hours) are impacting law firm economics. She also will discuss the implications of LPM for:

• More precise budgeting, management of actual-to-budget performance
• Client communications on financial, forecasting and billing issues
• Effective use of emerging IT financial tools, metrics and performance measures
• Associate compensation
• Use of Legal Process Outsourcing

Recognized worldwide as a pioneer and go-to expert in LPM, Pam has been honored as an ABA Legal Rebel, and her award-winning blog At The Intersection has been honored as a powerful and practical voice in the area of Legal Project Management.