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October 24-27th 2012

Event Detail

Be Lucky, Be On Trend: How to Win-Win Through Social Change

  • Dates: 27 – 27 Oct, 2012

Speaker(s): Mike Lipkin

After two years of social withdrawal, there is a new engagement and vitality shaping the way Canadians think, live, and work. Just underneath the surface of the crises and uncertainty, there are a cluster of social trends signaling a dynamic future. And the New Champions are at the vanguard.

Mike Lipkin shares these social trends and the traits of the New Champions in his latest tour de force. He draws on his personal contact with over a million people in 43 countries and the iconic Environics Social Values Monitor - one of Canada’s flagship syndicated research studies. It measures the core drivers of human motivation and social connection and it has been conducted annually since 1983 with over 60 000 Canadians and Americans.

In this fascinating program, delegates will learn about The Seven Seminal Social Value Trends and their calls to action: Introspection & Empathy; New Social Responsibility & Community Involvement; Social Learning & Cultural Fusion; Vitality & Effort For Health; Rejection of Authority & Support For Government Involvement; Equality of The Sexes; Pursuit of Originality & Personal Creativity.

Mike will inspire you to master the trends and create some of your own. You will discover the power of going first. You may even discover that you’re the one others have been waiting for. Mike will also share the Five Gifts of the New Champions: Confidence, Idealism, Niceness, Connection, & Happiness. In line with his belief that a person is a person only because of other people, he will coach you on how to pay it forward so you can multiply your payback.